California Funeral Services

What Is It Like to Die in California?




As with everything else they do, Californians have their own way of passing on in the Golden State. This article is designed to give you a little taste of that as well as some resources for finding venues after a loved one has passed away in CA.


Let’s focus on putting the FUN in funeral. That is what many California citizens are electing to do in their final moments, adding a bit of theatricality to an otherwise somber event. But if you were fun in life, why not treat your friends and family to some of that fun as you are exiting stage left? That can start with something as simple as picking the processional song while the casket is being brought into the church, funeral home, or other venue that you or your loved one’s have chosen.


What’s in a Funeral Song?

Well, a lot. You can choose something that falls in line with religious ideals or proper etiquette, or if you were a conosieur of music in your former life you may choose something fun, lively, and invigorating for your friends and family to remember you by. Some people may remember that scene in ‘Love Actually’ where Liam Neeson’s character accompanies the casket of his deceased wife as the Bay City Rollers’ song “Bye Bye Baby” plays and a slideshow of images is projected on a screen at the front of the church. An amusing song choice but befitting of the character’s choices and personality. This can be done to the same effect for you or your departed friend or family member.


Speaking of Slideshows…

This is another great opportunity to give your grieving family and friends a good laugh. Don’t just choose the stoic, somber, smiling pictures of idyllic locations in your life; leaving your audience to weep at your loss. This is a chance to make them remember what fun you were and show how silly life can be even as it comes to an end. Choose photos of practical jokes being played, surprises occurring, anything out of the ordinary to make them remember the best and silliest of the times had with you.


Now How About That Guest Book!

Guest books can be looked back on fondly, or kept as a keepsake to remember the past as future generations are bestowed the book. You can add a section of funeral attendees to add their memories of the deceased, a place for you to add photos to the book after the ceremony and burial have occurred, and even removable pages should you not need all of them. This is also a chance for whoever is organizing the funeral to have a section where they can keep track of who has delivered flowers, a card, or a meal and helped them through a difficult time so that they can thank them when life has gotten “back to normal”.


Where would I find a Funeral Home That Can Serve These Needs?

We’re glad you asked, because we found a resource for you in the form of Funeral Home Finder and they have a great YouTube channel with playlists for California locations, and if you happen to be in the Fresno area here is a commercial for the service provider they have found there: